Children with Medical Handicaps Program

The Children with Medical Handicaps Program (CMHP) is a tax-supported, state administered program in the Ohio Department of Health.  This program was developed to help provide financial assistance to eligible families who have children (under the age of 21) with special health care needs.  CMHP also offers diagnostic opportunities, regardless of family income, to children with suspected medically handicapping conditions.

Marion Public Health nurses make referrals to the appropriate medical provides (e.g. Children’s Hospital) for testing of children who are having medical problems.  The physicians then assess and diagnose the child to determine what action should be taken.  If further medical attention is needed, the child (if financially eligible) becomes active on a CMHP treatment program.  Medical follow up appointments, medications, and/or equipment related to the medical diagnosis can then be billed to CMHP.

The nurses at Marion Public Health act as liaisons between CMHP and the children/families who receive care through this valuable program.  We assist in coordinating services with local agencies as well as the various providers the children may be seeing at Children’s Hospital.  As family advocates, the public health nurse does a lot of troubleshooting to be sure the child receives the medical, social, and financial services he or she needs.

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