Nursing Clinic Services


We encourage all Marion residents to first attempt to see your regular health care provider for your immunizations. This is one of the many clinical services that should be available through your medical care home, by someone who knows you and your medical history.

Vaccine preventable diseases, although few in number, have had a resurgence in recent years. Educational outreach to schools, new mothers, and extended care facilities continue to be a priority of the public health nurses.

We offer infant, childhood, and adult immunizations and are available for walk-ins Wednesdays from 12 noon to 5:00pm.

We accept cash, check, and most credit cards for immunizations.  We also accept most insurance. For pricing information, please contact our office.

No eligible child will be refused shots due to inability to pay.

Immunizations offered
Td (Tetanus)
Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)
Varicella (Chicken Pox)
MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)
Hep B
Hep A
Twinrix (Hep A & Hep B)
IPV (Polio)
HPV (human Papilloma Virus)
Seasonal Flu


Sexual Health Clinic

One day per week, on Tuesdays, we offer a sexual health clinic. We offer screening for sexually transmitted infections as well as other reproductive health services and consultation.


Tuberculosis Screening (TB Test or PPD)

We offer TB testing as follows:

  • TB skin testing (PPD) is done as a scheduled appointment. Please call 740-387-6520 option 2.
  • The patient is instructed to return within 48 hours to 72 hours to have the test read.
  • Public health nurses provide referral, monitoring, and case management for positive skin tests, TB disease and latent infection.   


State Vaccine Requirement for Entry into Kindergarten and 7th Grade  

Please click here for the latest information on immunization for school attendance in Ohio.

Meningococcal Vaccine for College Students

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control and Practice (CDC) recommends the meningitis vaccine for college age students.

Travelers Vaccinations
The public health nurses at Marion Public Health can help the traveler determine what immunizations are required for foreign travel. Some vaccinations are available at the health department and the nurses will refer the traveler to a clinic in Columbus for vaccines we do not stock.

You can also visit for more information on travel recommendations.

Flu Vaccines
The flu vaccine is available for all residents 6 months and older.

For additional information on immunization schedules, please visit

Head Lice

Marion Public Health has DeBug anti-lice product available for a charge. We no longer perform lice head checks in clinic. Please contact your primary care physician, urgent care or your local school nurse for assistance.