Every citizen has the right by law to call attention to problems such as rats, insects, garbage, trash, etc. that impinge on their health, safety and well-being. These problems are considered in the nuisance section of the Official Sanitary Code of Marion Public Health.

Individuals do not have the right to harm neighbors.

Complaints are investigated in a timely manner so as to maintain proper community sanitation standards. It should be noted that there are no housing codes in Marion County.

All Public Health Complaints must be in writing.

Report a Public Health Nuisance

Grass and Weed Complaints

Marion Public Health (MPH) will follow up on high grass and weed complaints in the City of Marion only.  For complaints within a township or village, please contact your elected officials.Marion Public Health (MPH) is working on behalf of the City of Marion to enforce a City ordinance that requires a property owner must maintain their grass height less than 12 inches.

To make a complaint about a city property with high grass, you may come in to the Environmental Health Division of Marion Public Health (MPH) located at 181 South Main St. to fill out a complaint form or print out and complete the on-line MPH Complaint Form to bring with you. You may also mail in your complaint in letter form or fill out the on-line MPH Complaint Form to Marion Public Health, 181 South Main Street, Marion, OH 43302 and please make sure you include the address you are complaining about.

For more information please call 740-387-2875.

Grass and Weed Complaint Form